Council Hires Construction Official

Frank J. Genova was appointed as the borough’s Director of Code Enforcement, Construction Official, Building Subcode Official, and Building Inspector for a four (4) year term at the end of the May 18th Mayor & Council meeting.

Originally, Resolution 152-17 had a starting salary of $90,000 with an 11% increase to $100,000 for the second year. The remaining two years had adjustments consistent with other department head increases, which has been a 2% annual increase over the past few years. Prorating the first year’s salary, this would have meant a total salary of $352,770.77 over four (4) years.

After a closed executive session held by the governing body to discuss the contract for the multi-job position, the salary was adjusted to $85,000 for 2017 and the department head increases for the subsequent three years. The salary paid by the municipality by the end of 2019 will be $309,471.30 maintaining the pro-rated amount of $44,134.62 for 2017. This is 13.9% or $43,299.47 less than originally proposed.

Mr. Genova’s start date is June 24th.