Council Discusses 2011 Engineering Projects

At the July 7th Municipal Budget Workshop, the governing body reviewed 15 potential engineering projects slated for the borough in the 2011 capital budget. At the end of the discussion, ten (10) of the projects were either postponed or removed from the list, leaving only a third of the proposed project with a combined budget of $1,476,000.

Among the potential projects cut for 2011 were:

  • Amsterdam Avenue from Seaton Avenue to West Webster Avenue
  • West Lincoln Avenue from Chestnut Street to Locust Street
  • Prospect Street from East Roselle Avenue to the Roselle Park border
  • Pine Street from West Colfax Avenue to West Roselle Avenue
  • Sheridan Avenue from East Westfield Avenue to the dead end (Roselle Park border)
  • Colonial Road from Bender Avenue to Galloping Hill Road
  • West Webster Avenue sidewalks

The remaining five (5) are listed below with their budgeted amounts.

West Grant AvenueFrom Chestnut Street to Hawthorne Street (Section 2)(DOT Grant of $200,000)$390,000
Walnut StreetFrom East Grant Avenue to East Westfield Avenue(CDBG Grant of $100,000)$162,000
East Roselle AvenueFrom Chestnut Street to Maple Street$234,000
Open Channel Storm SewerBehind Movie Theater$150,000
East Grant AvenueSewer Phase III$500,000
Tax Map Revisions(Not Digital)$30,000
Tax Maps(Digitized)$10,000