Council-At-Large Candidate Questions 1st Ward Council’s Residency

Glen Costello, the Republican candidate for Council-At-Large in this year’s municipal election, went before the governing body at the July 14th regular meeting to ask about sitting 1st ward councilman Larry Dinardo’s residency.

“I have a question for Madam Clerk,” Mr. Costello began during his public comment portion of the meeting, “If a councilperson moves out of town – out of Roselle Park – does that councilperson have to resign?”

Before any answer could be provided, Mr. Costello continued by addressing the 1st ward councilman, “I have another question. Councilman Dinardo, have you moved to Berkeley Heights?”

Councilman Dinardo responded, “At this point, I live at 127 Bender Avenue.”

“You have not moved out of your apartment?” Mr. Costello asked, rephrasing his question.

“I don’t think I should be discussing this with you, actually,” Mr. Dinardo responded, adding, “I live at 127 Bender Avenue at this point.”

Mr. Costello continued,  “So, we can assume that if you are moving a letter of resignation will be coming?”

“Definitely,” Councilman Dinardo said.

Mr. Costello then addressed Council-At-Large Carl Hokanson, who is running for a second term against Mr. Costello, “Councilman Hokanson, were you aware that councilman Dinardo had moved?”

“No, I was not aware,” the Council-At-Large answered.

“Oh,” Mr. Costello continued, “Because you have been actively seeking a candidate in his ward.”

“To let you know,” Councilman Hokanson commented, referring to Mr. Costello’s run for Council-At-Large, “They’re [Republicans] also seeking candidates in Councilman-At-Large but I’m not here to debate them.”

Mr. Costello finished by saying, “That’s all I have to say.”

With that, Glen Costello left the podium, council chambers, and Borough Hall before any questions could be asked of him for this article.

After the meeting, Councilman Larry Dinardo, speaking on the matter, re-iterated, “I live on Bender Avenue. It’s true that I’m selling my house but I still live there. There’s food in the fridge and Mr. Costello is welcomed to join me for dinner anytime.”

“I fail to understand the logic or the motive,” said Andrew Casais, the Republican 1st ward candidate, who was also in attendance at the meeting, with respect to Mr. Costello’s questioning, “Borough Hall is a place of government, not politics.”

The Union County Board Of Elections was contacted by RPN and chief investigator Philip Campo stated that, as Friday, July 16th, no complaint nor call for investigation was made by either Mr. Costello or anyone else regarding councilman Dinardo’s residency status.