Council Approves Library Improvement Resolutions

Three resolutions passed at the April 5th Mayor & Council meeting addressed the cost of improvements at the Roselle Park Veterans Memorial Library (RPVML).

Resolution 115-18 increased the cost of the ADA accessible entrance ramp improvements by $6,216.09. The contractor for the job, Berto Construction, Inc. out of Rahway, originally came in with a winning bid of $45,576. The increase brings the total amount for addressing ADA compliance to $56,692.09. In September of last year, Neglia Engineering – the borough’s engineering firm – received $4,900 for design and construction management services for the project.

That 13.64% increase was countered by a $5,000 decrease in the cost for library window replacements. Panoramic Window and Door Systems, Inc. out of Stockton originally bid $36,100. The total cost for this project totaled $35,500 which includes the $4,400 paid to Neglia Engineering for design services for the project in August of last year.

The total for the two projects is now $92,192.09.

Compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act was necessary when 2015 library renovations required that the ramp be brought up to code with current ADA standards.

Resident David Robertson spoke during the public comment portion of the April 5th meeting.

“As I am likely the only person in this room who utilizes a power chair, I have to say I’ve been stunned at the amount of the initial contract for this ramp and now we’re asking for a 14% increase bringing it up to like $52,000,” stated Mr. Robertson, “While I’m a huge proponent of the ADA, I have to say that this contract really gives me concern. It’s quite a bit of money for what is essentially a concrete ramp and a rail.”

A request for government documents showed that Berto Construction was the lowest of four bidders for the project. The second lowest bidder – V & K Construction Co. Inc. – bid the job for $49,000 which, if they did not request a change order to increase their bid – would have ended up being the lowest bidder.

The highest bid for the project was almost $75,000 which was almost 45% more than Berto Construction’s final cost for the ramp improvements.

Berto Construction, Inc.
V & K Construction Co. Inc.
Cifelli & Son General Contracting, Inc.
Tec-Con Contractors, Inc.

Copies of all bids are available below:

Download Berto Construction’s bid

Download Cifelli & Son General Contracting’s bid

Download Tec Con Contractors’ bid

Download V&K Construction’s bid