Costello’s Questioning Of Councilman’s Residence Just Politics As Usual

Instead of bringing up real issues, especially ones that have brought and are bringing Roselle Park down, this ‘candidate’ chose the low road of politics as usual for nothing more than a personal attack; or attempt at one and free exposure.

If a person owns a home or rents in Roselle Park, it’s no one’s business where that person is when they are off the dais, provided that residency in Roselle Park is his or her primary residence. It’s already been proven in a court of law that a person can have two ‘domiciles’ provided the one where he or she lists as primary is, in fact, a primary.

This weak attack has no place on the dais and if the ‘candidate’ had real concerns, not just politically attacking an opposite party member, then a phone call or personal meeting with the first ward candidate would have sufficed. If this is how the Republicans think they are going to win young Andrew a council seat, they are mistakenly wrong.

Let’s hear about issues that this complete new comer may think as relevant to the improvement of Roselle Park. Not amateur politics.

Any potential standing this ‘candidate’ may have had with me has now been extinguished as I’m sure is the case with many other Roselle Park voters.

– Bob Milici