Contracts Awarded For Street Resurfacing & Retaining Wall Projects

Three projects approved during this year’s budget workshop had their contract’s approved at the September 7th municipal meeting.

Cifelli & Son General Contracting, Inc. out of Nutley was approved for two (2) street projects for a total of $410,631. Improvements to Spruce Street was awarded for $223,943.50 and the Butler Avenue improvement was approved for $186,787.50.

The amount budgeted for all resurfacing projects this year is $716,000 and this amount leaves a little over $305,000 for the resurfacing project on East Colfax Avenue from Chestnut Street to Walnut Street.

Adding $27,100 that was awarded to Neglia Engineering to perform survey & design services for both projects, the total – so far – for Butler Avenue is $200,687.50 while the total for Spruce Street improvement is $237,143.50.

Reivax Contracting Corp. from Harrison was awarded the stream bank retaining wall umprovements for various locations in the borough for $154,654.00. It was discovered this year that various portions of the retaining wall between East Lincoln Avenue and East Webster Avenue were collapsing.