‘Concerned Citizens’ Meet To Discuss 2011

On Saturday, January 15, 2011, the Concerned Citizens Of Roselle Park held one of their six(6) bi-monthly public meetings at the Sunrise Diner in Roselle Park. The Chair, Andrew Casais, went around the table to ask members and residents for ideas and areas of concern. Among the topics discussed included the BOE, downtown redevelopment, easements, the cost of the Acker Park project, and the Borough’s Master Plan.

Members offered suggestions which included making parking free downtown to help businesses, finding out what can be done to have business property owners upkeep and maintain their property, moving or expanding the downtown so it reaches the present location of the Roselle Park train station, and finding ways to develop vacant properties.

One member, when hearing the issues, asked to find ways to point out some of the positives in Roselle Park. To address that, another member to involve the youth in the Borough, perhaps by even introducing community service and volunteerism to the school district.

Actions that were decided upon at the meeting were to create a publish quarterly reports for departments with regard to budgets so the community can stay aware of how taxes are being utilized and help in developing a web site which will showcase the businesses and community of Roselle Park.

The next public meeting will be in March. Anyone wanting more information can visit the organization’s web site at rp-citizens.org.