Community Watch Meeting August 6th

A Community Watch meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, August 6th, at Borough Hall at 7 in the evening. This is the third such meeting to be scheduled this year although it is only the seventh since 2007; the last one in April of 2012 with none being held in 2013.

The meeting will, according to an announcement put out, “allow residents to share their concerns, discuss new ideas for safety and to help the police department by serving as the eyes and ears” of the community.

The meeting was arranged by Fifth Ward Councilman Michael Yakubov after Roselle Park resident Ken Pescatore asked about starting up a Neighborhood Watch.

Ken was concerned when hearing about recent incidents of vandalism and thefts that occurred recently, including the theft of an American flag from a resident’s porch. He made a suggestion to start a Neighborhood Watch in an online forum that Councilman Yakubov is a member of and a date was arranged.

“As a member of this community, I feel it is important to motivate and empower others to take pride in their civic duty,” said Mr. Pescatore. He added, referring to the use of technology as part of a neighborhood watch, “A large amount of residents use social media every day for entertainment. I hope to create a paradigm shift. Social media is an excellent communication tool that can allow residents and local law enforcement to interact in real-time using mobile devices.”

Anyone wishing more information can contact Fifth Ward Councilman Michael Yakubov at (908) 245-2118.