Chestnut Street Closed Due To Gas Leak

Chestnut Street between Grant Avenue and Clay Avenue is closed due to a gas leak at the Casano Community Center.

All events for the Casano Center, including evening activities, are canceled today.

Previously scheduled work at the Casano Community Center to replace and upgrade its generator was being performed when a backhoe hit a gas line. A source familiar with the incident stated that the line was not properly marked out.

The Casano Community Center along with the properties to the left and right of it were evacuated.

The pipe has a static charge and emergency crews will need to go about 50 feet south of the area and dig another hole to squeeze the pipe shut.

Emergency services are on site.

At this time, the Farmers Market and tonight’s Plein Art Painting “Art In The Park” event are still scheduled to take place at Michael Mauri Park.

Traffic is being diverted around the area, including NJ Transit buses. Repair is expected to take the majority of the day.

UPDATED @ 1028H: The gas has been turned off and the impacted line is currently being repaired. There is no further risk or danger being reported to the public and residents in the area are returning to their homes.

UPDATED @ 1042H: The Casano Community Center is opening to the public but all activities for the rest of the day and evening are still canceled today.