CFO Up For Tenure

The Roselle Park Mayor and Council held its second regularly scheduled meeting for November 2010 this past Monday, November 15th. Including only one committee report, one ordinance, and two resolutions, Monday night’s meeting agenda was shorter than usual. Although absent from the agenda, a discussion ensued amongst the governing body regarding the employment of Ken Blum, the Borough’s Chief Financial Officer.

December 31st will mark the conclusion of a four (4) year contract between Mr. Blum and the Borough of Roselle Park. The matter was raised by outgoing Mayor Joseph DeIorio praising Mr. Blum for his services to the municipality. Mayor DeIorio asked the governing body to consider extending Mr. Blum’s contract as CFO before the end of the year, at the next regularly scheduled meeting on December 2, 2010.

Tenure became the adjoining topic of discussion regarding the CFO’s employment. Mr. Blum addressed the matter by stating that because he had served out the four (4) year term specified in his contract he would be tenured pending a contract extension. Therefore, if council votes to approve a new contract with Mr. Blum on December 2nd he will be a tenured full-time employee of the Borough of Roselle Park.

Nearing the end of discussion Councilman-at-Large Hokanson stated, “Can we do it now?” referring to the approval of the CFO’s contract extension. It was determined that although it would be permissible under law, the Council would review the current contract between the Borough and Mr. Blum and vote on a contract extension at the December 2nd meeting.