Casano Generator Installation Contract Increased By $19K

A resolution that will increase the contract for relocation and installation of the generator at the Casano Community Center by 36% was passed by the governing body at the December 20th municipal meeting.

The $19,121 approved in Resolution 370-18 increases the cost for the project to $91,321 which includes the $19,200 paid to Neglia Engineering under Resolutions 123-17 and 133-18 (link).

According to Roselle Park Borough Clerk Andrew Casais, the project was designed by Neglia Engineering – the borough engineer – with the generator in the front of the roof. This would have violated zoning since the front of the Casano Center on Chestnut Street did not allow it. The engineering firm had designed the project under the assumption that the municipality is exempt from its own zoning as part of by-right zoning.

Mr. Casais explained, “However, we’re not exempt from the permitting process and the approval process when it comes to code enforcement. When the application went to the zoning department, the zoning officer denied it based on zoning.”

The project would have been denied by Roselle Park’s zoning officer.

The borough clerk continued, “The borough could have been an applicant and appealed it to the Land Use Board. The governing body and the professionals advising at the time felt that was not feasible. In fact, it would probably result in a denial because we would be violating the zoning.”

The added $19,121 is the cost associated with configuring and moving the generator from the front of the building to the back.

The project was originally approved in 2017.