Cars To Be Moved From Certain Roads In Case Of Snow Emergency

A notice has been sent out to Roselle Park residents through UCFirstAlert (link) which stated that, in the event of snow accumulation of two (2) inches or more, the Roselle Park Police Department (RPPD) requests the cooperation of residents by having them remove their vehicles from all Snow Emergency roadways and to, if possible, park any vehicles in a driveway, whenever possible.

According to Borough Code Ordinance 7-10, vehicles on Snow Emergency streets are subject to a summons and/or towing in the event of snow accumulation of two (2) inches or more.

Snow Emergency streets include the following:

  • Westfield Avenue (entire length)
  • Beechwood Avenue (between Amsterdam Avenue and Colfax Avenue)
  • Chestnut Street (entire length)
  • Clay Avenue (between Grant Avenue and Faitoute Avenue)
  • Colfax Avenue (between Chestnut Street and Laurel Avenue)
  • Colfax Avenue (between Laurel Avenue and the south side only of Valley Road)
  • Faitoute Avenue (entire length)
  • Galloping Hill Road (entire length)
  • Grant Avenue (entire length)
  • Hazel Street (between West Colfax Avenue and West Roselle Avenue)
  • Lincoln Avenue (between Galloping Hill Road and Locust Street)
  • Locust Street (entire length)
  • Roselle Avenue (between Colfax Avenue, northerly and easterly, to the westerly curbline of Hazel Street)
  • Valley Road (between Westfield Avenue and Amsterdam Avenue)
  • Walnut Street (between Grant Avenue and Clay Avenue)

The UCFirstALert notice gave no mention if Borough Code Ordinance 7-40.1 (Regulation for the Movement and Parking of Motor Vehicle Traffic on Municipal Property and/or Public Streets) would be enforced. The code states that whenever snow has fallen and the accumulation is such that it covers the street, an emergency shall exist and no vehicle shall be parked in Municipal Parking Lots 1 – 3 which are located in the following locations:

  • Municipal Parking Lot 1 (between the east side entrance on the easterly side of Chestnut Street and on the south and west by William Street)
  • Municipal Parking Lot 2 (Chestnut Street between Charles Street and East Grant Avenue)
  • Municipal Parking Lot 3 (at Chestnut Street and Lincoln Avenue)

Anyone requesting more information can contact the RPPD at (908) 245-2300.