Cars Parked At Colfax Cut-Outs By RPHS Field Will Be Ticketed

The start of school for many means a serious change in schedules. Parents and guardians have to go back to their children’s routines, drivers have to adjust their travel time to consider school buses, but for some, it means an intrusion on not only their quality of life but a risk to safety.

Such is the case for the residents of West Colfax Avenue – as well as students – in front of the Roselle Park High School (RPHS) athletic complex.

At the September 6th Mayor & Council meeting, Roselle Park Police Department (RPPD) Chief Paul W. Morrison discussed an on-going issue at the cut-outs in front of Herm Shaw Field and the RPHS athletic complex. The two slits of sidewalk were reduced years ago to allow vehicles to pick-up and drop-off student-athletes to and from games or practices so as not to block traffic.

Unfortunately, people have been parking not only there but also in front of people’s driveways across the street.

This has caused not only increased stand-still traffic as drivers block the street to pick-up and drop-off in the middle of the street but also safety. Students and spectators end up walking in between parked cars and double-parked cars into unaware on-coming traffic.

“Year after year this is a headache [for] everybody,” said Police Chief Morrison during his monthly report to the governing body, “The signs there [read] ‘Drop-Off & Pick Up Only’. Cars continue to park there.”

In speaking with Councilman-At-Large Joseph DeIorio, Chief Morrison reviewed the longstanding complaints. In years past, the police had issued warnings and patrolled the area in their vehicles during pick-ups and drop-offs to notify drivers through their PA system to move their vehicles. The police chief recounted that it became so commonplace that even school buses parked there instead of going to the rear of the high school where they are supposed to be.

With the problem getting worse year after year, Chief Morrison stated, “Unfortunately, any vehicles that are parked there in violation are going to be ticketed. Hopefully, people get the message that way. It’s a matter of safety for the children . . . and that’s first and foremost, their safety. That’s why the cut-out was put there, not for people to park.”