Carlstrom Elected To School Board. Falcon & Santangelo Unofficial Write-In Winners

Susan Carlstrom has been elected to the Board Of Education (BOE). She was the only candidate who filed a petition before the deadline and officially received 1,444 votes. Mrs. Carlstrom is the sister of current BOE member Joseph Signorello Jr. and aunt of mayor-elect Joseph Signorello III.

This year’s school board election had 279 write-in votes according to the raw tabulation from the borough clerk’s office. This was due to not having enough official candidates to run for the three open seats for the BOE.

Out of those 279 ballots, there were 99 variants of all write-in names. Marissa Falcon and Paul Santangelo received the most votes with the exact spelling of their names written in.

Marissa Falcon received 58 write-in votes.

Paul Santangelo received 43 exact write-in votes.

Each received around 20 additional recognizable variants of their names.

The fourth highest vote-getter for the BOE was Maxine Padulsky with 12 votes with about 8 additional variants.

More information on the other write-ins will be in a subsequent article.

These results are unofficial and will remain so until they are certified by the county.