Carl Pluchino Temporarily Hired As Deputy Code Enforcement Officer

Almost six months to the day after resigning, Carl Pluchino has been temporarily hired at his old municipal position as Deputy Code Enforcement Officer for eight weeks.

The borough has been without a Deputy Code Enforcement Officer for two almost months after Elaine Broyles resigned on May 18th. This has resulted in some issues with properties remaining unkempt, residents leaving televisions and other unapproved bulk pick-up material  on lawns well after the June bulk pick-up dates, and even one business operating without a Certificate of Occupancy (C.O.) for almost two months.

Under Section 2-30.8 of the Borough Code Book, the Deputy Code Enforcement Officer has the authority to, among other things, issue summonses or notices of violation for:

  • Failure to obtain the requisite permits before initiating construction and/or alterations;
  • Failure to receive a Certificate of Occupancy before occupying the property;
  • Changing the use or converting the occupancy of any structure, in violation of the Land Use Ordinance;
  • Overcrowding of dwelling units,;
  • Failure to adhere to the Borough’s sanitation and litter ordinances; and
  • Inspecting structures and issuing certificates for smoke detectors and carbon monoxide.

Mr. Pluchino, who works for the Township of Livingston in the Building Department, was hired at an hourly rate of $22 not to exceed a work week of 25 hours. The total approved for Mr. Pluchino until September 4, 2015, is $4,400.

This action will, reportedly, give the governing body enough time to permanently hire someone as the Deputy Code Enforcement Officer.