Candidates To Talk Again Before Elections

With one week until the 2010 local elections, the residents of Roselle Park may get another chance to hear from all the mayoral candidates on October 30, 2010.

In filing a report on insinuations that have arisen regarding an upcoming fundraiser for mayoral candidate Carl Hokanson, the topic of having all the candidates speak to the residents of Roselle Park was once again addressed. Carl Hokanson, who is scheduled to have a fundraiser this coming Friday, answered questions regarding accusations made about the clarity of the event.

“It states clearly, it’s a fundraiser,” Carl Hokanson said in response to the event on Friday. During the conversation, the topic came up of having Carl address questions residents still had. He touched upon the last question of the debate with respect to the role of mayor when he re-iterated his position, “It’s just like I try to explain to people. Carl Hokanson just can’t wave a magic wand. It’s bigger than Joe Accardi or Carl Hokanson or Kevin Murphy winning. Because guess what? If you don’t have four votes, the mayor can’t do nothing.”

“We  have so many more important things to worry about. Carl is certainly free to have his fund raiser. I don’t see a problem with him doing (one),” mayoral candidate Joe Accardi stated. When asked about the concern that certain residents and guests did not realize that it was a political fund raiser, he responded, “That was probably just a misunderstanding.”

Joe Accardi went further on to state that on his end, there has been criticism of his actions during this campaign season, “We certainly shouldn’t be questioned on our motives when it’s been very clear that they’ve been campaign-related but it’s giving back and doing things for the community.”

The topic of discussion then returned to what Joe Accardi referred to as the important things. He continued, “There are so many issues that I would like to discuss publicly so people could bounce Carl’s ideas and my ideas off of each other. That if he would be willing to do a debate or some kind of forum I would gladly do that between now and election day.”

Kevin Murphy has always stated he is open to another debate before election to have the residents here from all the candidates.

In speaking with Carl, he responded that he would be open to a sit down with Roselle Park News correspondent Jake Magiera and have him answer questions with a two-minute time limit. At present, Carl Hokanson is open to a one-on-one that will be broadcast live on Saturday but perhaps some type of arrangement can be made to involve all three candidates at once to allow the residents to hear from those individuals seeking the highest office in Roselle Park.