Bulk Pick-Up Dates Announced

The borough-wide bulk pick-up dates for 2014 were announced at the March 19, 2014 Municipal Capital Budget Workshop.

The dates for bulk are going to be Thursday, June 26th for the east side of town and Friday, June 27th for the west side of town. Chestnut Street is the street in the borough that delineates between east and west.

Suburban Disposal was the only bid received and was for $18,000 per pickup. This is $2,000 more than was sat year’s pick-up bid. As of now, there will be only one pick-up which will increase the average taxes for a household assessed at $65,000 (the commonly referenced assessed value in Roselle Park) around $12 for the municipal portion of property taxes.

Fifth Ward councilman Michael Yakubov asked what the bid was for two bulk pick-ups and was notified by First Ward Andrew Casais that the bid was $18,000 per pick-up. There was no further serious discussion regarding the adding of a second bulk for 2014.

Information on what materials will and will not be accepted are scheduled to go out to the public in May or June.