Brian Matthews Appointed As Probationary Patrol Officer

At last night’s municipal meeting, Roselle Park resident Brian Matthews was appointed to the position of Probationary Patrolman in the Roselle Park Police Department (RPPD).

RPPD Captain Daniel McCaffery, who was in for Police Chief Paul Morrison, spoke about Brian Matthews to those in attendance. He said, “Brian Matthews is a Roselle Park residents, went to Roselle Park schools, graduated Roselle Park High school, had an outstanding stellar athletic career in Roselle Park and then in college. He is graduating from Kean University probably in the next week or so. Brian volunteered for our Auxiliary Police Force. We’ve had him on board with our Auxiliary Police Force for quite some time. He’s done a great job. He comes out and volunteers [and] gives his own time to the community. He’s going to do an outstanding job for us. We’re very proud to have him on board. Congratulations.”

Brian Matthews also addressed the residents, “I just want to thank the council and Mayor Hokanson, Captain McCaffery, Chief Morrison, and the Roselle Park Police Department for giving me this opportunity. I’m really looking forward to it. Thank you.”

The probationary period will be for 12 months after which time Brian Matthews will be a full RPPD police officer.

Officer Matthews’ effective date will be January 2, 2019, at a salary of $45,826.