BOE Provides Information On School Libraries/Media Centers

More information was provided on the combining of libraries and computer rooms into media centers at all elementary schools on Tuesday night’s Board Of Education (BOE) meeting.

In addition to officially transferring three (3) teachers for full-day kindergarten, School Superintendent Pedro Garrido answered some questions that were asked at the March 18th BOE meeting. It was at that meeting where parents, teachers, and residents were in attendance and commented on their disappointment that school librarians – formally known as Media Specialists – and library rooms would be removed from all elementary schools to provide needed space for full-day kindergarten. After that meeting, the Board, at a May 6th meeting, announced that school libraries would remain and be combined to create modern media centers but that elementary school librarians would still be removed from the district.

Superintendent Garrido stated that the plan to address how library books will be maintained included training a part-time instructor, a paraprofessional, and parent volunteers in how to use the Destiny Library Manager (DLM) program. DLM, according to Follett’s brochure, is a system the school district utilizes that help students, librarians and educators find, share, and use print as well as digital resources (link). He also mentioned a rotating schedule that will have each class visit their media center once every two weeks and have opportunities to access books before and/or after school. Additional lunch periods will be added with additional space to be provided at Aldene School.

Plans for the re-designed media centers were also released. Tables and chairs populate the middle of all media centers and bookshelves all line the walls where library books will be kept. Both Robert Gordon and Sherman have room for 25 chairs each and Aldene has 26.

The three (3) teachers assigned to kindergarten classes were:

  • Dina Cashin (Aldene School)
  • Christy Longo (Robert Gordon School)
  • Michelle Hirsh (Sherman School)

Copies of the floor plans, as well as the complete Q&A from Superintendent Garrido, are available below or through the school district’s web site (link).