BOE Gives Status Of Schools After Hurricane Storm

In response to a question by BOE member Alex Balaban, School Superintendent Patrick Spagnoletti asked the Business Administrator, Susan Guercio, to address issues with the school. She responded, “There was minimal damage in other buildings. There were a few leaks, ceiling tiles, but the major damage was to Robert Gordon on the basement level and the Library Art Room I believe and a tiny, tiny bit in the cafeteria.”

“We’re putting a new floor down in Robert Gordon in the library,” Superintendent Spagnoletti chimed in, “That’ll be done within the next few weeks.”

“Are we going to apply for FEMA funds?”, asked Mr. Balaban.

“We’ve already done that,” responded superintendent Spagnoletti, “And PSE&G funds as well because a couple of our 600 volt coils burned out at some of our air conditioning units so we have coverage with them so they will reimburse us a portion of that.”

Mrs. Guercio added that the Board has also been in contact, as recently as earlier in the day, with the various insurance companies.

Later in the meeting councilwoman Tanya Torres approached the Board as a parent and asked about the Robert Gordon cafeteria.

“Will there be any testing done to ensure that the room is clean enough for the children to be eating in?” she asked, “Any mold samples being done?”

Mr. Spagnoletti responded, “We have been and we will continue to be disinfecting the room and we will be checking for mold as well.”

“Is an outside company going to come in?”, Mrs. Torres inquired.

“They will be coming in,” the superintendent answered, “We’re not going to get them in tomorrow but by the weekend there will be someone coming in for that.”

After the meeting Mrs. Torres suggested that the children eat in their respective classrooms until the testing and/or remediation is completed.

With respect to the damage done to the schools, police call logs for the period of the Hurricane Irene storm recorded that the Roselle Park High School (RPHS) cafeteria had leaked and set off the fire alarm. Additionally, Board member Alex Balaban on Facebook mentioned that there were issues with Robert Gordon School getting pumped out.