BOE Election Results

Although there were three men running for three open seats on the Board Of Education, hundreds of residents placed their votes for Chad Hemenway, Matthew Leingang, and Christopher Miller.

The results are the following:

  • Chad Hemenway received 778 votes.
  • Matthew Leingang received 822 votes.
  • Christopher Miller received 781 votes.

20 write-in votes were made for Alexander Hamilton, Elaine Weaver, Natasha Howard, Rodric Bowman, Jennifer Miller, Keith Heyman, Richard McFugger, Jonathan Sullenberger, Jonathan Rodriguez, Tom Haas, Jeof Vita, Jacob Magiera, Neil Tyson, John Poulus, Richard Graves, Daniel G. Smith, Julio Tamayo, Saul Qersdyn, Michael Seidof, and the letter “D”.

Elaine Weaver and Natasha Howard each received two votes while all others received one.