BOE Celebrates Softball Team Championship Season

The Roselle Park Board Of Education congratulated the 2018 Roselle Park Varsity Softball Team for the numerous accomplishments including being this year’s Group 1 State Champions.

Roselle Park High School (RPHS) Assistant Principal/Athletic Director James Foy offered a few words about the team of 12, their team statistician, and the team’s coach and assistant coach. He pointed out the team’s achievements which included:

  • 2018 Union County Conference Champions
  • 2018 Union County Tournament Champions
  • 2018 North 2 Group 1 Sectional Champions
  • 2018 Group 1 State Champions

Mr. Foy continued, “Essentially, everything that you could win out in the ball field, they accomplished that this year. It’s a very hard feat to win all four of those in the same year. The last time we won a Group 1 State Championship was back in 2003 so this isn’t something the comes very easy at all so my hats off to this group of girls who accomplished everything they accomplished this year.”

“Not only are they great out on the field but they truly are a great group of girls. They’re one of the nicest groups that I’ve had the pleasure to be around,” continued Mr. Foy, highlighting the character of the team in addition to their athleticism, “When you go out and speak to them and see them before a game or when they’re waiting for practice or even after a game they’re just polite, funny, they all get along, and they have a great time. It’s just like they just get it, at this stage already, they just get it. I think they were aware of how special their team was this year.”

Speaking personally, the school’s athletic director remarked, “On top of all the accomplishments they had on the playing field, it was a pleasure to be around them this year and watch them. Most of the team is coming back so hopefully that niceness – for lack of a better word – will still be there next year, so I congratulate the girls and everybody here congratulates the girls . . . for all the positive things they did for us this particular year.”

It was noted that the team’s coach, Fran Maggio, won his 361st game this season (link to 300th win article).

The team roster recognized at the May 12th BOE meeting:

  • Angelina Chacon (Short Stop) (Senior)
  • Alexis Cieslinski (3rd Base) (Sophomore)
  • Emma Cieslinski (1st Base) (Sophomore)
  • Madison Cieslinski (2nd Base) (Sophomore)
  • Danielle Crown (Utility Player)
  • Merissa Gilic (Right Field) (Senior)
  • Madison Hummel (Pitcher) (Junior)
  • Paige Junior (Left Field) (Senior)
  • Sarah Lippin (Center Field) (Sophomore)
  • Meaghan Mooney (Utility Player) (Junior)
  • Hailey Ortega (Catcher) (Junior)
  • Gabrielle Scott (1st Base/Pitcher) (Sophomore)
  • Kyra Williams (Statistician)
  • Fran Maggio (Coach)
  • Jill Bury (Assistant Coach)