BOE Candidates Take Part In 3&3

In the midst of the recent developments of the election for municipal offices, most notably that of mayor, attention has been drawn away from the other important election – that of the Roselle Park Board Of Education (BOE).

The election that decides who will be responsible for the use of over 50% of property taxes has been relegated to the bottom of the voting ballot. It is also more confusing in that – unlike a municipal election – candidates are not running against each other; it is not the picking of only one candidate – although anyone can do that if they wish – but instead a vote for up to three people at the same time. The BOE candidate votes are then tabulated as a whole and the ones with the top three votes are elected.

Roselle Park News yesterday sat with each of the four candidates for the three (3) available BOE seats to take part in our 3&3.

3&3 is where each candidate has three questions asked – some similar to other while some are individual questions – and in return, each candidate can speak to the voters, parents, students, and residents of Roselle Park for three minutes. The time limit is not strictly held to and is just a guideline to follow.

Rodric Bowman, Christopher Miller, Sundjata Sekou, and Jeof Vita all graciously accepted to sit down one last time before the election on Tuesday and below are their 3&3s.

The BOE and municipal elections are on Tuesday, November 4, 2014, from 6 a.m. till 8 in the evening.

Rodric Bowman

Christopher Miller

Sundjata Sekou

Jeof Vita