Blue Knights, Mounted Police, And Others Join In Return Of Memorial Day Parade

Memorial Day Parade coordinator Karen Intile has announced the latest line-up of participants who will join in celebrating the return of the Memorial Day Parade, after five years of absence.

Sherman Elementary School will be the kick-off point on Monday, May 26th at 10 a.m. and among those who will march in the procession include:

  • Roselle Park Mayor and Council
  • Members of the Blue Knights
  • Monsignor Joseph F. Loreti Knights of Columbus #3240
  • Newark Mounted Police
  • Roselle Park Board Of Education
  • Roselle Park Boy Scouts
  • Roselle Park Clergy
  • Roselle Park First Aid Squad
  • Roselle Park Fire Department
  • Roselle Park Girl Scouts
  • Roselle Park Honor Guard
  • Roselle Park Veterans

Various other community groups will also take part.

The parade itself will proceed from Sherman School on East Grant Avenue to Chestnut Street past the reviewing stand on Chestnut Street and the corner of East Clay Avenue and then ending on the grounds of the Veterans’ Memorial Library.

Immediately after the parade there will be a Memorial Day Service on the front grounds of the library followed by a free picnic at the Casano Community Center located at 314 Chestnut Street.

For more information or to participate in the day’s events please contact Karen R. Intile at the Casano Community Center at (908) 245-0666.