Bike Path Patrol Results In Arrest Of 16-Year-Old RP Resident

On April 14, 2011 at approximately 10:19 p.m., Sgt, David Pitts performed a property check of the borough’s bicycle path which runs adjacent to the railroad tracks between Chestnut Street and Galloping Hill Road. While driving eastbound on the path, Sgt. Pitts detected the strong odor of burning marijuana in the air. As he continued to drive eastbound just past the Walnut Street entrance, Sgt. Pitts observed three (3) males walking eastbound towards Galloping Hill Road. As he neared these males to within approximately 100 feet, he directed the radio car’s spotlight on them. As he did this, Sgt. Pitts observed one of the males throw a cigarette box to the ground and then continue walking. With this, Sgt. Pitts pulled directly behind the males and ordered them to stop. Shortly thereafter Patrolman John Deegan and Patrolman Edward Nortrup responded to assist.

Sgt. Pitts retrieved the discarded cigarette box and discovered that it contained one (1) hand-rolled cigar containing suspected marijuana.

Sgt. Pitts then placed the male he witnessed throw the cigarette box to the ground, a16 year old from Roselle Park, under arrest for 2C:35-10(a)(4), (possession of marijuana).

The other two (2) males were searched for additional contraband with negative results. Both were found to be negative of any wants/warrants. The other juvenile was taken into protective custody and transported to headquarters to be released to a parent. The other male, an adult was released at the scene.

Both juveniles’ parents were notified of the incident and responded to take possession of their sons. The 16 year old will have a future Union County Family Court hearing.