Bid Awarded For RPMS Roof Repair

Roof Management, Inc. (link) from Wall Township was awarded the contract to replace the roof at the Rosele Park Middle School (RPMS).

Roof Management, Inc. (RMI) was the lowest of six bidders at $530,000; $487,000 for the base bid and $43,000 for the four additional options. The four alternates are additional work to include things such as applying a water-resistant clear sealant on capstones and apply insulation to the existing roof drain lines. The next lowest bid was $552,340 by Integretiy Roofing, Inc. The highest bidder was Paneko Construction, Inc. with a $728,308 bid.

The middle school used to be the borough’s high school. As time went on and the student population grew a new high school was built and the middle school was expanded. The expansion had a new roof built but the original section – the high school section – remained. The Board Of Education (BOE) finally decided it was time to have it replaced.

A copy of the winning bid package is available below: