Bender Avenue Trick-Or-Treating Canceled

Mayor Joseph Accardi has stated that the annual trick-or-treating event that occurs on Bender Avenue is canceled at this time. He additionally has recommended that trick-or-treating be postponed for town residents until Friday, November 4, 2011 or safety reasons due to downed power lines and trees. School was also canceled today for the entire school district.

“Safety is our first priority at this time,” the mayor stated regarding the decision, “It wasn’t a decision that was taken lightly but we needed to coordinate with PSE&G, the DPW, and our emergency services to repair the over 70 danger spots in town. The DPW cannot address some trees until PSE&G comes to removes the danger from live power lines that brought them down.”

Initially, Halloween festivities were postponed until November 1st but in consulting with OEM (Office of Emergency Services) and the police, the mayor realized that not all danger areas could be guaranteed to be repaired by that time.

Any updates will be provided as they are made public.