Bender Avenue Prepares For Halloween

The Roselle Park Police Department (RPPD) will, once again, be providing a safe and family-friendly environment for the immensely popular Halloween trick-or-treat on Bender Avenue.

Vehicular traffic will be blocked between 2:30 p.,m. and around 9 o’clock at night on Tuesday, October 31st.

Police request that vehicles be moved to driveways or on other areas of the borough. Vehicles that remain on Bender Avenue will not be permitted to move during the event.

“While we understand that this action may be an inconvenience for some residents,” stated Chief of Police Paul W. Morrison, “we feel that these precautions are necessary to ensure the safety off all residents and participants of the Halloween event.”

Visitors from throughout the county, as well as the state and even the nation, take a pilgrimage to Bender Avenue to not only trick-or-treat but see neighborhood houses that have been decorated for All Hallows’ Eve.

Anyone with questions regarding the event can contact police headquarters at (908) 245-2300.