Bender Avenue Halloween Meeting On October 24th

First Ward Councilman Eugene Meola – along with the Roselle Park Police Department – will be holding a meeting at the Roselle Park Municipal Complex to provide information on the popular annual Bender Avenue Trick-Or-Treat on Halloween.

The meeting is set to start at 6 p.m. in council chambers on Tuesday, October 24th. Representatives from the Roselle Park Police Department will be on hand and residents from Bender Avenue as well as other interested residents are invited to attend.

Every year, thousands of people from around the state walk up and down the length of Bender Avenue to trick=or-treat and visit houses decorated for All Hallow’s Eve. The popularity of Bender Avenue originally started years ago as a friendly competition between neighbors to see who could have the most interesting and elaborate Halloween set-up.

The Roselle Park Municipal Complex is located at 110 East Westfield Avenue.