Beach Party Held At Robert Gordon

Spring is just around the corner but the students and parents at Robert Gordon School can’t wait. On February 25, 2011, the school’s PTA had their first Winter Beach Party fundraiser. What started out with a few children and parents in the gym/auditorium slowly came alive with Hawaiian leis, hula hoops, palm trees, balloons, DJ music, and refreshments.

Parents and children all enjoyed themselves as they celebrated the end of winter and sunny days ahead. The fundraiser was also an event held to have parents get to know each other. A relative from Edison, NJ said, “I think this is awesome. It brings families together and I  am more aware of the school.”

The consensus of those who attended were that the PTA should do more fundraisers like it since all the children had a lot of fun. At the end of the party, the event made everyone forget the winter outside and helped them look forward to the real beach which will be open a few months from now.