Ballot Positions Drawn For BOE Election

The ballot positions for the 2015 Roselle Park School Board election was held Monday afternoon with the following results for the four (4) candidates running for the Board Of Education (BOE):

  1. Troy Gerten
  2. Angel Boose
  3. Sundjata Sekou
  4. Kevin Cancino

The random drawing placement is meant to prevent any advantage to a candidate due to their last name alphabetically going before any other. NJSA 19:14-12 requires that the county clerk draw lots in public where the candidates and members of the public are allowed to view the drawing. Historically, the School Board elections give a voter advantage to the top three candidates since voters sometimes simply go down a line and pick the top three names.

There is no drawing for the Roselle Park municipal candidates since there is only one person per political party running for office.