Attempted Vehicle Burglary Reported On Pershing Avenue

On September 23, 2011 at approximately 3:03 a.m., police were informed by dispatch that occupants of a blue Lexus had just attempted to burglarize a vehicle on Pershing Avenue. The vehicle was last reported heading toward East Westfield Avenue. Patrolman Robert Sobocinski and other officers checked the area yielding negative results.

After checking the area, Patrolman Sobocinski responded to the 200 block of Pershing Avenue to speak with the caller who stated that while she was exiting the residence, she noticed two (2) individuals attempting to burglarize the vehicle parked in front of the residence.

The caller stated she witnessed a dark-metallic-blue Lexus with tinted windows pull up and two (2) males exit the Lexus and approach a vehicle parked on the 200 block of Pershing Avenue. The suspects where described as white males in their early 20s – one (1) of the males was wearing a gray sweatshirt. The caller was able to observe two (2) additional male passengers inside the Lexus, described as young white males who appeared to be in their 20s also. The two (2) men who exited the vehicle approached the driver side window of the parked car and began hitting the vehicle with their hands and an unknown tool described as a ‘skinny pole’. The group then became aware of her presence and the men ran back to the vehicle and fled the scene, traveling southbound on Pershing Avenue toward East Westfield Avenue. The caller attempted to obtain the registration number but was only able to identify the first character which she stated was “W”. The damaged vehicle, a grey Pontiac, sustained a broken driver side mirror. Upon closer inspection of the vehicle, Patrolman Sobocinski noticed there were several clusters of fingerprints on the front driver-side window and driver side rear passenger window. Detective Richard Cocca was contacted and processed the scene.