Attempted Carjacking Reported At McDonald’s

On Monday May 28th, a 54-year-old resident of Roselle reported that he was the victim of an attempted robbery while waiting in the drive through line of McDonald’s at approximately 12:30 a.m. on Saturday, May 26th.

The victim reported that while he was waiting in his car in the drive through line, two (2) individuals exited the car in front of his and tried to get in his car. The victim described the suspects as black males, between 20-30 years of age. He stated they ordered him out of the car, demanded his money while trying to gain entry into his car. He stated a third black male exited the suspect vehicle and started approaching him. The victim stated he felt in fear for his safety and reversed from the drive through line and drove away from the suspects.

Upon returning home, the victim discovered that the rear window of his vehicle was shattered and located a brick on the rear seat. The matter is being investigated by Detective Keith Wintermute.