Attempted Bicycle Theft Reported At McDonald’s

On July 28, 2011 at 7:09 p.m., Patrolman John Deegan, Sgt. Dominick Frino, and Patrolman Wartovnick Adamski responded to McDonald’s located at 100-108 West Westfield Avenue on a report of an attempted bicycle theft. While en route, dispatch advised that the suspects left the area and were traveling southbound on Locust Street towards West 1st Avenue in Roselle on foot. The two (2) suspects were described as one (1) male, wearing a blue tank-top & black gym shorts, and one (1) female wearing a grey shirt & grey gym shorts. Patrolmen Deegan and Adamski stopped three (3) juveniles in the Exxon gas station on West 1st Avenue at Locust Street in Roselle – one (1) of which matched one of the suspect descriptions as he was wearing a blue tank-top & black gym shorts. Sgt Frino was able to stop three (3) juvenile females in the Wendy’s parking lot across the street. One (1) of the females matched the second suspect description and was wearing a grey t-shirt & grey gym shorts.

The two victims positively identified the two suspects. The two juveniles were arrested and transported to headquarters for processing.

The victims stated that they were eating at McDonald’s and did not secure their bikes in front of the restaurant. The suspects then entered the McDonald’s and approached the victims. One of the victims stated that he used to be friends with one of the suspects but they were not friends anymore. The victim explained that the group began to interrupt their meal and would not leave them alone. After harassing the victims for several minutes, the group went outside where the female suspect got on one of the victim’s bicycle and rode it around the sidewalk and parking lot. After riding the bike for a several minutes, the female suspect returned the bicycle, and the group left. The victim stated that she then went out through the front of the McDonald’s and secured their bikes to the flagpole with a chain and lock. A purple/white Roadmaster Granite Peak female mountain bike valued at $89.00 and a Silver Pacific 4000 DX male mountain bike valued at $40.00.

The victims stated that several minutes later, the group returned to the front of McDonald’s where they observed the male suspect attempt to break the chain and lock that was securing their bikes with his hands. After he could not break the chain, the group left on foot towards Roselle.

The two (2) suspects were released to the custody of parents after being charged with 2C:33-4 (harassment) and released to their parents pending a family court hearings.