As She Bids Farewell, Library Director Calantone Reflects On Her Time In Roselle Park

After the announcement on June 3rd of her resignation, library patrons, residents, and well-wishers have been offering words of appreciation for Roselle Park Veterans Memorial Library Director Susan Calantone. She is moving on in her career to the Morris County Library after having been Roselle Park’s library director for over a decade.

In that span of time she has seen patrons and their families grow, she has seen DVDs become Blu-Rays and desktop computers being replaced by tablets but through all the advances in technology she still sees patrons walk in and pick out a book to read.

Sharing her love for animals has helped in expanding the library from just a place for books to a place for the community. Sponsoring events that highlight pets to workshops that help those looking for work fill out resumes and job applications to teach English to adults to having year-round events for children, to holding charity events and even being a sanctuary station during emergencies, the library has shown itself to be a jewel of the community. Last year the front lawn received an overhaul and plaques were added to the Doughboy statue to honor veterans of all military branches.

In reflecting on her career as a whole and in Roselle Park, Ms. Calantone offered these words:

“I am leaving the Roselle Park Veterans Memorial Library for a new position as the Director of the Morris County Library in Whippany, New Jersey. This decision came after careful deliberation and much thought. I became Director in Roselle Park Library in 2004. I have loved my 12 years here and especially my wonderful, exceptional staff. My years here have helped form my professional and personal growth. It’s a wonderful town with exceptional children and families. All of the municipal departments have been a joy to work with and I will miss the easy camaraderie.

One of my fondest memories of Roselle Park involves Hurricane Katrina. After Katrina hit, word was out that there was a tremendous need for quilts. The staff and I went to work organizing a Katrina event. We asked the community for cotton material, thread, etc. to make quilts. The outpouring of donations was beyond belief. We set up a Katrina Quilt-a-thon for a Friday night when the library was closed. That night the magic began. People brought their sewing machines and we finished 18 quilts that were donated to Katrina. It was my first of many charity events initiated by the Library that highlighted the compassion and generosity of this wonderful community.

I started at Morris County Library in 1988 as a library assistant. The Director at the time convinced my to pursue my career by attending Rutgers and getting my Masters in Library Science. I graduated Rutgers in 1994 and after graduation I worked as a Law Librarian for two Morristown law firms – Drinker Biddle and Schenck Price Smith & King. I then became Library Director of the Mendham Borough and the Wharton Public Library. I have continued to work Sundays at Morris County Library.

So in essence, this move will bring my career full circle.

My last day at Roselle Park Veterans Memorial Library will be June 24th. My first day at the Morris County Library will be July 11th.”