Andrew Casais Appointed As Borough Clerk

Former First Ward Councilman Andrew Casais was unanimously appointed as Roselle Park’s borough clerk for three years. Mr. Casais will replace Doreen Cali, who retired after 10 years in that position.

Resolutions 90-17 and 91-17 appointed Mr. Casais to four positions: Borough Clerk, Searcher as to Liability for Assessment for Municipal Improvements, Public Agency Compliance Officer for Affirmative Action, and Municipal Housing Liaison for the Administration of the Affordable Housing.

The 25-year-old was a resident of the borough until he moved last year to Garwood. He was a councilman from 2011-13, is a Registered Municipal Clerk, and has been the Chief of Staff in Bayonne since 2014.

The combined salary for Mr. Casais will be $85,222.13 with $75,000.00 being paid as borough clerk, $3,246.09 as liability searcher, and $6,976.04 for housing liaison.

The start date for Mr. Casais is March 6th. After three years, Mr. Casais will be available to receive tenure for the position of borough clerk.