An Open Letter To Roselle Park

Some take pride in their town due to a quaint downtown, a historic site, or the types of shops or businesses they have. But in the past two weeks my pride in Roselle Park, my town, is based on something more profound – and in my opinion – more important. My pride in Roselle Park is due to the people; the compassion and strength they showed only because there were friends, neighbors and complete strangers in need and hurting. We aren’t perfect and in a frustrating situation like Hurricane Sandy we need to vent and sometimes misdirect our frustration at each other, but throughout this situation those moments were few and far between and never interfered with us to help, heal, and remain strong for each other.

Personally, existing relationships had been strengthened, new friendships formed, and amazing acts of kindness and support were revealed by so many residents.

In time we will settle back into our normal routines. Perhaps some already have. I just hope we don’t forget the unity and strength we showed and offered each other….and when someone asks where you live I hope you say with great pride “Roselle Park”, I know I will and if someone wants to know what defines us, I think this sums it up “We are a small town with a big heart”.

Yours Truly,

A Proud Resident of Roselle Park

(Name withheld upon request)