Amended Borough Vehicle Policy Approved By Council

By a vote of 4 – 2, council voted to amend the borough’s vehicle policy which was first approved four months ago under Resolution 130-18.

The six-page policy lays out who is allowed to use the taxpayers’ property, how those vehicles can be used, how to report mileage, how the vehicles are to be maintained and/or repaired, the liability of drivers, accidents, how borough vehicles should be marked, employee tax consequences, drug-testing requirements, use of vehicles for ceremonial purposes, and disciplinary action.

The comprehensive guide had taken over a year to assemble but still had one clause that needed clarification and review. The section dealt with the two exemptions from marking vehicles – for the police chief and the fire chief. Having police cars unmarked along with the police chief’s vehicle was understandable for investigatory and security reasons. After discussion among the public, the newspaper, and members of the governing body the exemption for the fire chief’s vehicle was removed.

The new policy will have all borough vehicles marked except police vehicles.

A copy of Roselle Park’s Borough Vehicle Policy is available below:

Download Roselle Park’s Borough Vehicle Policy (2018)