All Students In School District Are Re-Registered

School Superintendent Pedro Garrido confirmed at the October 17th Board Of Education (BOE)meeting that all students have been re-registered in compliance with the school district policy to have all student re-matriculated every five years.

During the summer, parents and guardians who had children in the Roselle Park School District (RPSD) were required to do an in-person re-registration. At the beginning of the school year earlier this September, there were 88 students whose families had not yet re-registered them. At the end of the month, that number dwindled down to 29. In October, there was one student – a high schooler – who had not been re-registered. At last Tuesday night’s meeting, it was announced that the student in question was not returning to the district.

“The status of that student is [that] he has dropped out,” stated Mr. Garrido, “He was a high school senior who needed two classes or so. We tried to reach out to the parent, we tried to do the best that we could to bring him in. However, that is a closed case right now.”

This ends the re-registration period and, as of October 15th, all 2,046 students enrolled in the school district have been re-registered or – if entering the district for the first time this year – registered for 2016-17.