Alex Balaban Resigns From Library Board

Alexander Balaban has submitted his resignation from the Roselle Park Veterans Memorial Library Board Of Trustees earlier this afternoon.

Mr. Balaban, who has served on the Library Board for 15 years, gave time constraints due to work responsibilities and other volunteer efforts as the reason for his leaving.

“Wednesdays have become busy for me and I don’t want to keep missing meetings and become unproductive,” stated Mr. Balaban when reached for comment.

Mr. Balaban, who is currently on the Environmental Committee and the Board Of Education, stated he will not be resigning either of those positions.

Looking back over his years on the Library Board, Mr. Balaban said, “I’ve seen an evolution of the library as a true art form and science in Roselle Park. It’s fortunate that we have residents who are still very interested in our library and are using it, especially the youth. I am proud in knowing that the library has blossomed over the years and will continue to blossom.”

Mr. Balaban’s resignation leaves a vacant seat on the Board, whose next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, September 16th at 7 p.m. in the library.