Alex Balaban Resigns From BOE

Board Of Education (BOE) member Alex Balaban has offered his resignation from the Board. The letter, which offers prevailing demands of Mr. Balaban’s employment as a reason for his decision, was delivered to the BOE today, February 16, 2011.

“I am proud to have served in such a capacity,”Mr. Balaban relayed in his correspondence, “I will always remain an advocate for the children and their parents as well as taxpayers of Roselle Park.”

Mr. Balaban’s  absence, which will take effect March 15, 2011, will leave a vacancy that will need to be filled within 65 days after becoming official. Whether this vacancy will be filled out by Board Policy 9113.4 or by having an open position in the upcoming school board election remains to be seen.

Policy 9113.4 states, in part, that a vacancy shall be filled by the BOE  and the procedures may include advertisement of the vacancy in suitable local media and interviews with interested parties conducted in public by the board acting as committee of the whole.

In a phone conversation, Mr. Balaban offered some words regarding his time on the BOE, “It’s been a blessing to serve on the Board and I thank Roselle Park residents for allowing me to serve all these years.”