Roselle Park News is a free online newspaper established on May 13, 2010 to inform Roselle Park residents so they can cultivate an active interest in their community. It is written by the staff of contributors and edited by myself, Saul Qersdyn, and we are solely responsible for its content.

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The mission of Roselle Park News is to further public enlightenment by providing a fair and comprehensive account of events and issues. We strive to serve the public with thoroughness and honesty while understanding that professional integrity is the cornerstone of a newspaper’s credibility. To that end, Roselle Park News holds to the code of ethics adopted by the Society of Professional Journalists, which include:

  • Roselle Park News will seek truth in order to report it and will be honest and fair in gathering, reporting, and interpreting information. We support the open exchange of views, even views we might find repugnant.
  • Roselle Park News will minimize harm by treating sources, subjects, and colleagues as human beings deserving of respect. We recognize that gathering and reporting information may cause harm or discomfort and understand that the pursuit of news is not a license for arrogance.
  • Roselle Park News will act independently and be free of obligation to any interest other than the public’s right to know. We will be vigilant about holding those with power accountable and will disclose unavoidable conflicts if they should arise.
  • Roselle Park News will be accountable to our readers, listeners, viewers, and the community. We will clarify and explain news coverage and invite dialogue with the public over journalistic conduct. Any mistakes or errors will be admitted and corrected promptly.

Roselle Park News does not look for malfeasance where none exists nor does it offer blind rationalization for the actions of officials. It simply reports on actions and decisions. Roselle Park News understands that sometimes well-meaning people make mistakes but also, at times, people try to take advantage of lack of awareness from the public. Everyone makes mistakes but it is in how such errors are addressed that distinguishes an open government/organization from an ineffective one.

As part of the newspaper’s mission, I have not voted in any local elections – either for the school board or a municipal office or any referendum – since May 2010. It has been one of the hardest things for me to not do. I love to vote and hold it as a sacred right but I also knew that if I did cast my vote, even privately, I would be telling myself I had taken a side.

There are those who will disagree with the news provided and label it as a detriment to the Borough for reporting on unflattering issues. Roselle Park News accepts that position but simply responds that those actions and decisions being reported on should be questioned as much as the reporting of them; that will be a reasonable gauge to understand the difference between those with genuine concern and those who are apologists for the status quo.

Open government addresses its mistakes instead of ignoring them.
Open government answers questions rather than remains silent.
Open government is good government.


Roselle Park News does not accept advertising nor financial sponsorship from any organization, person(s), or agency. In not being motivated by or dependent on profit, Roselle Park News is free of the constraint placed on the traditional model of mainstream journalism where competition with other news media to ‘get the story first’ drives publication; Roselle Park News would rather take the time and get the news right. This also removes any influence in what, how, when, and why news concerning Roselle Park is published.


Roselle Park News does not hoard information that it receives. Whenever possible, Roselle Park News will publish both the news story and the original document(s) in order to allow readers to see for themselves and make up their own minds.

To that end, Roselle Park News accepts (but does not solicit) anonymous sources of information. Roselle Park News accepts such material in person, through its post office box, and via the internet through Submit News (link). All information received confidentially will remain anonymous and protected as such in those instances when the source is known. There are also channels available to those who wish to submit sensitive material anonymously. Roselle Park News has not nor will it ever reveal the source of such documents or information and has an impeccable record of protecting its sources.

All material submitted is put through a vetting process to confirm its authenticity and veracity. Roselle Park News’ verification process does not mean it will never make a mistake, but so far, such information – even if not yet validated – has been an enabling jumping-off-point for corrective action, public awareness, or even official investigations.


Roselle Park News routinely publishes reports provided directly by municipal police and fire agencies under its Police-Fire category. Nothing in those reports should be construed to be a finding of guilt as they are a record of the actions taken on a given day by these agencies. Roselle Park News‘ policy regarding the use of these items is as follows:

  1. Arrest reports, summonses, and any court determination are a matter of public record, and can be published without the person’s permission. The newspaper has a right to publish such public information for the benefit of the public.
  2. We do not generally publish the names of juveniles involved in incidents. However, if a juvenile suspect is tried in an adult court (rather than in Family Court) we may name the suspect. This will be determined on a case-by-case basis.
  3. We will amend a police blotter item only if the person involved has had all charges related to the incident in question dropped, or if the person is found not guilty after a trial. This will be done if the matter is brought to the attention of the newspaper or if the named party notifies us with accompanying legal documentation which would corroborate such a request.
  4. Any posted content that is accurate will not be removed. We do not remove items if the person is granted a Pre-Trial Intervention (commonly called a PTI) or similar program or if there is a plea bargain/agreement since that is not a finding of “not guilty”. The incident occurred and it would be wrong to alter the record of an incident in the community if there is no finding that the incident did not occur.
  5. We will be willing to amend the record of an event if the information provided to us is deficient or wrong.


Roselle Park News is a member of the Society of Professional Journalists, Wired Journalists, and Reuters News Service.  Music used as background accompaniment throughout this web site is covered under separate license agreements with the American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers (ASCAP) and Broadcast Music International (BMI). All license agreements are on file and available upon request.


By way of disclosure:

  • Our family moved into Roselle Park on March 22, 2006.
  • I am not an editor nor journalist by trade nor education.
  • I have no formal experience in the profession of journalism.
  • I am the producer of the online video news magazine 07204.
  • I am the producer and broadcaster for WRPK Radio.
  • I am a founding member of The Concerned Citizens Of Roselle Park.
  • I was a member of New Jersey Foundation for Open Government until 2017.
  • I sat in on the Strategic Plan for the Roselle Park Board Of Education in 2014.
  • I served on the CATV/Technology Committee in 2011, 2012, and 2013.
  • I serve on the Roselle Park Diversity Committee being appointed July 2016.
  • I hold no other elected or appointed position within the municipality or school district.
  • I have not voted in any local elections since the start of this newspaper in May of 2010.

Saul Qersdyn, Editor/Publisher


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