Abby’s Attic: Finding Opportunities For Families

Life is full of opportunities. Every day is a chance to do something. For owner Nohemi Marte, that opportunity led her to open Abby’s Attic on the corner of West Westfield Avenue and Hawthorne Street. Roselle Park’s latest member of its business community – Abby’s Attic – is a cozy community thrift store named after Nohemi’s daughter Abigail.

Nohemi loves to go thrift shopping. Along with her husband they would go and search among aisles of yet-to-be claimed personal treasures. Sometimes for themselves but also for relatives in the Dominican Republic. After some time people began donating to her all types of clothes. But in the Caribbean, there is very little use for sweaters or winter coats.

That is when Nohemi saw an opportunity.

After a while, there were enough stored clothes that she thought about finding a way to not only share her love of thrift shopping with others but also of continuing to find ways to help others. She opened Abby’s Attic. At its Grand Opening, two Saturdays ago on July 21st, the mayor, members of council, friends, relatives including her daughter, and her pastor were all in attendance to help celebrate. Mayor Carl Hokanson – along with councilmen DeIorio, Fahoury, Petrosky, and Shipley – welcomed Abby’s Attic to the borough. Her pastor gave a blessing, and Nohemi cut the ribbon.

Among the celebration, Nohemi gave a moment to talk about her husband who could not be present at the joyous event. She spoke of him being in the Dominican Republican caring for relatives in a time of need. And at its heart, that is what Abby’s Attic is about. In one form or another, it is to help family. It helps families looking for clothes, furniture, or other things who cannot afford department store prices. On the other side, Nohemi and her family help out relatives through the proceeds received. And although not a 501(c)(3), Nohemi is in talks with St. Jude’s Hospital to see if a partnership opportunity can occur to help out families with donations and proceeds.

Always looking to give from what she gets, Nohemi looks forward to being part of Roselle Park and to continue helping any way she and her family can.

Abby’s Attic is located at 225 West Westfield Avenue with parking available in its lot. The boutique shop also accepts clothing and furniture donations.

Abby’s Attic is open from 10:30 a.m. till 7 p.m. Monday through Friday and 10:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturday. It is closed on Sundays.

More information can be found by calling (908) 671-5920 or by visiting the website (link) or Facebook page (link).