A Toast To The Wounded Veterans Fundraiser

Dave Hoffman, owner of Climax Brewery, New Jersey’s oldest micro-brewery, located in Roselle Park, was approached by Kevin Murphy, Chief Operations Officer of the Veterans Chamber of Commerce-NJ, back in January of this year. He asked Dave if Climax Brewery could host a fundraiser to benefit the Marine Semper Fi Fund.

As Kevin put it, “Once I explained to Mr. Hoffman the wonderful work the volunteers of the Marine Semper Fi Fund were doing to help our wounded servicemen and women, Dave told me there was nothing else say but let’s do it.”

Dave strongly believes that citizens must support those who defend our nation.

Kevin remarked, “Networking and fundraising events should be more than a social gathering. They should be educational and fun.”

Climax Brewery provided both. Until that night, very few people were aware that New Jersey’s oldest micro brewery is located in Roselle Park. Due to changes in the law, micro breweries now can have tours, tastings, and sell their products.

Mr. Murphy then approached Nicoli Cristafaro of Costa’s Italian Restaurant , Claire Morabito of Vintage Italian Restaurant, and Julie Pinho of Pinho Bakery (located in Roselle). In addition, Councilman At Large Carl Hokanson – a marine himself – along with Second Ward Councilwoman Charlene Storey promoted the fundraiser.

A goal of $1,000 was set for the evening. The first date in February had to be canceled because of snow and the event was pushed off till April 1st. Along with both council representatives, people from various organizations of different sizes came out to taste the beer and food provided. The crowd was even treated to a singing of “God Bless America” performed by Mr. James Vigliotti, Sr., who was one of six veterans who were guests of the Roselle Park PBA (Policemen’s Benevolent Association). At the end of the night, Kevin was more than confident that the goal set for the event was met plus some. The Veterans Chamber of Commerce-NJ wanted to thank everyone for the success of the event. Kevin stated, “Please don’t forget to thank a veteran when you see one and patronize those businesses such as Costa’s Italian Restaurant, Vintage Italian Restaurant, and Pinho Bakery who support our veterans.”

To learn more about the Veterans Chamber of Commerce-NJ or the Marine Semper Fi Fund, please visit their websites at www.veteranschamberofcommerce-nj.com (link) and www.semperfifund.org (link).