A Conversation With Sundjata Sekou

First things first, some interesting facts about Mr. Sundjata Sekou:

  • Although he shares a similar namesake, he is not related to New York City poet, performer, and teacher Sekou Sundiata.
  • He lives in the house that was formerly occupied by another former BOE member Nancy Kinloch.

That aside, Sundjata is running for a seat on the Roselle Park Board Of Education (BOE). He recently sat down for a conversation which provides information on his platform, ideas, and reasons for running for the School Board.

Sundjata is a parent and someone who attended public schools his whole life. In using those aspects of his life, as well as being a taxpayer, he stated that he understands the balance between what works in education and funding that education. He said, “I want to get more resources into this community because at this point the taxpayers are strapped.”

As for his reason for running, Sundjata remarked, “I want to try to bring in more resources.”

He even discussed and expanded upon a statement he made regarding having a food program for summer camp. Some, at first, thought that Sundjata wanted to add an expense to the district.

“There is a program that is available through the State,” he explained, referring to a Department of Agriculture program that would provide meals while not impacting property taxes.

He even added that he wanted to look into having an “Adopt-A-School” project so that the community could help supply schools with supplies and needed materials.

Planning to visit every home before November, Sundjata looks forward to meeting with as many residents as possible face-to-face not only to introduce himself but to listen to their concerns.

The full conversation can be heard at wrpkradio.org (link).

A copy of his flier is available below: