A Conversation With Sundjata Sekou: Candidate For The BOE

Sundjata Sekou sat down for a one-on-one conversation to bring out certain points on his candidacy for the Board Of Education (BOE). Having run once last year, Mr. Sekou has once again put his name in to represent residents on the board that decides policy and spending for the education of Roselle Park children.

The conversation was recorded mid-August when four people were running for three positions on the BOE. Since then, one candidate has dropped out and it looks like Mr. Sekou will be voted onto the BOE in November. In discussions with Mr. Sekou, he agreed to allow the conversation to be published in order to allow residents to hear his views and positions so they canĀ remain involved.

Getting involved is actually an important aspect of Mr. Sekou’s campaign and termĀ for the next three years. Numerous times throughout the interview, Mr. Sekou reiterated that involvement was a major aspect of his objective. It was most notable in his proposition to move the BOE elections from November – when they are currently held – back to April so that residents would be able to vote on the entire school budget. Currently, voters can only approve or deny a budget if it goes over a 2% tax levy cap and, even then, they can only vote for any amount over that 2%.

The 40 minute conversation is a joint effort with WRPK Radio and can be heard below in its entirety. The BOE election if Tuesday, November 3, 2015.

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