A Conversation With Rodric Bowman

Although having moved to the borough just a year ago, Rodric Bowman – who is running for a seat on the Roselle Park Board Of Education (BOE) – has always wanted to be involved in the community. Rodric has a daughter going into her first year at Sherman School and, as a parent as well as an adjunct professor, he sees all sides of education.

Already having taken part in the Roselle Park School District’s Strategic Plan, Rodric has seen what issues the district faces and has provided input on where it plans to go for the next three years.

During the conversation, Rodric provided background on himself as well as his plans to have a hand in the school district if he is elected.

“If you have good schools, you have a good community,” stated Mr. Bowman when asked why he wanted to run for the BOE, “I want to live in a good community ┬áso I want to ensure that we have good schools.”

Anyone interested in finding out more information or if anyone wants to ask Mr. Bowman any questions, they can reach out to him through his website (link).

The full conversation can be heard at wrpkradio.org (link).