A Conversation With Council-At-Large Candidate Joseph DeIorio: Part 2

The second part of Mr. DeIorio’s conversation had the candidate for council-at-large discuss a wide range of issues. Topics included his decision to enter back into politics, positions on major decisions since leaving office, communication with residents, an overview of his work as mayor, and a discussion about on having him and his husband – current councilman Thomas ‘Thos’ Shipley – on council and whether that would create unfair influence and power on the governing body if Mr. DeIorio is elected.

A severe technical issue occurred when the second part of the interview occurred. It remains here for those who can go past the popping to hear the issues. A third conversation was held – in free form – to review issues of the second part. (Note: Apologies to everyone for the problem and it all steps will be taken to prevent it from happening again.)