6th Annual East-West Basketball Game Feb. 23rd

Roselle Park’s sixth annual East-West Basketball Game will 6:30 p.m. on Friday, February 23rd at the Roselle Park High School gymnasium.

The fundraiser is hosted by the Roselle Park Police Department (RPPD) and sponsored by Korino’s Inc., Monte Printing & Graphics, Roselle Park Dad’s Club, Roselle Park Education Association, Roselle Park PBA, and Sun Tavern.

Players who are set to take the court include borough officials, Roselle Park School District teachers along with members of the Roselle Park Police Department, Roselle Park Recreation, and Casano Community Center, and one – only one – member of the governing body. Third Ward Councilman William Fahoury will be representing the east side due to his ‘workplace’ being listed as borough hall which is on the east side even though he lives and presents the third ward which is on the west side.

The East Side roster, coached by Judge Gary Bundy, is:

  • William Fahoury (Council)
  • Martin Garry (Recreation Committee)
  • Kelly Hardman (Sherman Elementary School)
  • Carl Holman (Recreation Committee)
  • Richard Huxford (Borough Attorney)
  • Jasmin Larach (Recreation Committee)
  • Owen Law (Roselle Park Police Department)
  • Denise Loneker (Recreation Committee)
  • Lori Mazzeo (Sherman Elementary School)
  • Joshua Medrano (Roselle Park Police Department)
  • Federico Negron (Recreation Committee)
  • Avsar Patel (Roselle Park Police Department)
  • Mike Rottman (Recreation Committee)
  • Randi Sheps (Sherman Elementary School)
  • Kyle Snyder (Roselle Park Police Department)
  • Brian Swick (Roselle Park Police Department)

The West Side players, coached by Nick Agoglia, are:

  • Rebecca Antonelli (EJF/Aldene Elementary School)
  • Jon Bergbauer (Roselle Park High School)
  • Dina Cashin (EJF/Aldene Elementary School)
  • Greg Dunkerton (Roselle Park High School)
  • Lisa Guarnaccio (Robert Gordon Elementary School)
  • Jason Kaulfers (Roselle Park High School)
  • Melissa Malone (EJF/Aldene Elementary School)
  • Steve Matthews (Roselle Park High School)
  • Jennifer Nicol (EJF/Aldene Elementary School)
  • James Salvo (Board Of Education)
  • Rupen Shah (Casano Community Center)
  • Matthew Talbot (Roselle Park High School)

Will the West be victorious for the second year in a row?

Will the East increase their five-year win lead?

All are invited to come to the T. Ralph ‘Pug’ Williams gymnasium and listen to the play-by-play by Jonathan Silberlight with help from scorekeepers Christine Beaver and Manuel Jimenez.

Admission for the fundraiser event is $3 per person. Proceeds will benefit end-of-year student events.