3rd Quarter Tax Bill Due Date Extended To August 31st

At the July 30th Mayor & Council meeting, the governing body approved extending the 3rd quarter tax due date till the last day in August. Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Ken Blum stated that 3rd quarter tax bills were mailed that morning.

“We were waiting for a rate from the county which was being held up by the state,” stated Mr. Blum as for the reason in the delay, adding, “We did not want to send out estimated bills to save money.”

Third quarter taxes are usually due the first of August. Property owners will be able to be paid up until Monday, August 31st, with no interest. The CFO stressed that anyone who pays their 3rd quarter property taxes after the extension, even if it is on September 1st, will have to also pay interest that will revert back to August 1st, the original due date.

Mr. Blum reviewed the increase for the average house assessed at $65,000 for all portions of the 2015 property tax.

Increase Amount ($)
Total Amount
School District
Open Space

In response to phone calls he stated that his office received, the CFO stressed, “This bill has nothing to do with the reval that’s going on. The reval process is still working, but this does not touch the assessed value of your houses in any which way due to that.”

The townwide revaluation is still occurring and is scheduled to be done with the home inspection portion in September. Notices will be sent out notifying property owners of their new assessed value in the following months. The new tax rate will not be set until next year’s budget is voted on and approved.